The Sweet Stall

Surviving 39 years of fierce high street competition, The Sweet Stall  still offers  young and old the chance  to pic n mix to their own  requirements. Chocoholics, fudge lovers, those addicted to retro flying saucers or dolly mixture, it’s all here to stimulate the taste buds of any age group. Jelly dummies, honeycomb and turkish delight are all available alongside many other goodies to munch in front of the TV, devour before you make it home or just indulge your sweet tooth fantasies. We also supply a wide range of soft drinks and always are available with a kind ear to listen to your problems.

Jan the Sweet Lady


Call: 01438 721770

The Sweet Stall- Stalls 10-11

Market Office, Stevenage Indoor Market, Market Square
St. Georges Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 1EP